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Our Solution

Retain, grow and engage your customers with a branded online investment community

Making that first move into wealth management and investing can be challenging for your customers. Now you can offer them the opportunity to learn how to invest with people they trust using Voleo’s social investment platform.

Increase engagement by tailoring each user’s experience:

  • Localization.

  • Product branding.

  • Marketing package.

  • Custom messaging.

Attract more customers, expend fewer resources

  • Users invite their friends, family and colleagues to join your app

  • Gain another valuable touch point with customers to communicate and offer products and services

Increase customer retention

  • Communicate and engage customers through text messages, push messaging, emails, in-app messaging

  • Re-engage inactive customers

Realize untapped revenue opportunities

  • Fully serviced product managed by Voleo.

  • Marketing materials, customer support and technical delivery managed by Voleo team and dedicated account manager.

Spend no additional product management or marketing resources

  • Complete visibility on trading behavior, interactions, content engagement, and more.

Get full customer support

  • Fully supported platform with support for bank staff, end users and administrators.

  • Earn on trades made.

How It Works.

Step 1: Users create an investment club.

Step 2: Customers invite their friends to join their club.

Step 3: Users access research & content to help aid their investment decisions.

Step 4: Teams propose and vote on real trades.

Step 5: Your customers can view their decisions, engage with the community and manage their portfolios all in one place.

Want to know more?

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