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Selected for PlugAndPlay Fintech Fall 2017

Voleo - August 10, 2017 - 0 comments

Today we’re thrilled to share more exciting news: Voleo has been chosen to participate as part of a select cohort in PlugAndPlay Fintech’s Fall 2017 program.

What is PlugandPlay?

PlugAndPlay, based in the heart of Silicon Valley, is a global innovation platform supporting financial technology startups in strategic corporate partnerships. The fintech accelerator program, comprised of over twenty fintech startups, provides Voleo with a unique platform to develop relationships with financial institutions.

Influencing the stock market experience

Voleo’s proprietary mobile stock trading applications represent a significant advancement to the retail trading environment. Through collaboration, Voleo positively influences the experience that new investors have with stock markets, enabling them to take steps to improve their financial future while increasing overall market participation and liquidity.

“With Voleo’s platform now being used by investment clubs to execute live trades, partnership opportunities are actionable,” says Thomas Beattie, CEO.

“What can move the needle for financial institutions is activating disengaged customers, and turning their clients into advocates as they bring their networks. The social aspect is powerful and transparent, while tangible benefits of splitting fees and achieving better diversification are realized by users.”

Why would Voleo partner with institutions?

As Voleo’s social network expands across the United States, Voleo will establish strategic enterprise partnerships and develop an even broader user base, welcoming investment clubs to the mainstream now that they have been reimagined for the mobile era featuring real-time collaboration and insights.

The Voleo technology provides financial institutions with a mobile-first platform that both engages and acts as a natural tool for growth as investment clubs are formed, expanded, and new viral clubs created by members.

In good company

Notable startup alumni include Lending Club, Dwolla and Trulioo, while corporate partners of PlugAndPlay Fintech include Microsoft Azure, IBM Cloud, Google Cloud, Medici, and Plaid.

At Voleo we believe in encouraging an engaging and positive experience with stock market investing. We know that the stock market can be intimidating, but it’s not to be avoided. It really is always a good time to invest and with your friends and peers collaboratively voting on which trades to make, choosing equities isn’t just less stressful, it’s fun!

Download the Voleo app for iPhone here, and Android here, and check out our recent Nasdaq collaboration!

See you on the flip side. 😉

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