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Meet Voleo Nasdaq Ambassador Darius Woods

Voleo - October 4, 2017 - 0 comments

The mission of our Voleo Nasdaq simulated equity trading competition is to encourage engagement with the stock market amongst students in order to get them involved in investing at an early age. Our Ambassador program, a group of inspiring and motivated college students, helps us to drive this mission, spreading the word about social investing on their campuses. We noticed that one ambassador in particular takes a keen interest in the markets and has already adopted a sophisticated approach to the markets, and life.

A student at Oakwood University, Darius Woods is already an entrepreneur and keen investor. His interest in investing began in high school when he realized that wealth begets wealth; money makes money, and while young, he follows a strategy that is fairly risk averse, focusing on growth over the long term. A proponent of social investing, Darius encourages starting an investment club because “it allows for a pool of knowledge to make better decisions.” [bctt tweet=”#Investmentclubs allow for a pool of knowledge to make better decisions. – @DariusWoods97 #VoleoClub” username=”myvoleo”]

Voleo welcomes ambassadors like Darius to join our competition and continue spreading the good word! Monday marks the start of trading, but new clubs are welcome to continue joining the competition through October.

Why did you decide to get involved in the Voleo Nasdaq trading competition?

When I heard about the Voleo platform, and how unique it was, I immediately saw an opportunity to start an investment club on my campus that would incentivize people to join the competition.

How did you become interested in investing?

I took an interest in investing in high school when I came to the realization that money can and should be used to produce more money. I began reading many books on the subject of investing and I was convinced that everyone should do it on some level.

Do you invest, or is this your opportunity to get started?

I invest a portion of my income into the market. I typically allocate at least 10% to go into the market.

[bctt tweet=”I invest a portion of my income into the market, I typically allocate at least 10%. – @DariusWoods97″ username=”myvoleo”]

If you do invest, what do you typically focus on, and do you have a strategy that you follow?

I do not invest to make huge gains, but I do want rather steady growth, so most of my investing is passive. I invest mainly in safe companies and ETFs right now, but once I have more disposable income, I look to increase my risk.

What do you think the general sentiment is around the stock market amongst college-age students, amongst your friends?

Most of my peers that are unfamiliar with the subject look at it as a gamble rather than an investment. They look at it as something that is out of their league. In reality, there is no way to predict the markets, but there are many ways to hedge against risk, and make investments much safer.

Why do you think that understanding the stock market is important when you’re young?

It is becoming more understood that this upcoming generation cannot depend on the government in terms of retirement. The stock market is a good place to keep money over the long term given the average return of around 7% annually. It is also an effective way to offset inflation, as opposed to parking cash in a low yield savings account.

Do you think investing is better when it’s social?

I think social investing opens up a whole new door to the possibilities because it incorporates more initial capital, it brings many viewpoints into consideration, and it allows for a pool of knowledge to make better decisions.

Do you look up to any investors?

I think we all look up to the investing legend Warren Buffet. His story is truly inspiring. His track record with the market is unmatched, and his attitude is that of a true winner. I think the impact he has made is truly amazing.

What is your major, and do you know what you see yourself doing after school?

I am a finance major, and I am pursuing a career in investment banking.

What is your morning routine?

I wake up every morning around 6 am. Then I read, and meditate for around 30 mins. I then prepare myself for the day, and go to breakfast. Then by that time I either go to class or get started in some work.

What’s been the most surprising thing about college so far?

I am surprised at how much of an impact students have the ability to make. We really have the ability to make change.

What have you loved most about college so far?

I love the diverse environment, and the ability to meet someone new everyday.

How do you like to spend your free time?

I love learning new things, so if I’m not out golfing I’m either watching informational videos on YouTube or reading.

What’s your favorite book and why?

The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg. I love the book because it takes an in depth look at why we do what we do, and for me, behavior is fascinating. It really allowed me to take a step back and observe life from a new angle.

The competition powered by Nasdaq launches Monday, we can’t wait to see how our teams trade! Not in college? Start your own real money investment club here for iPhone, or here for Android.

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