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Meet Cooper Kinley, Voleo Nasdaq Event Ambassador

Voleo - September 20, 2017 - 0 comments

Launching in October, the Voleo Nasdaq simulated equity trading competition gives college students the opportunity to play with a $1,000,000 portfolio and challenge their fellow students to a friendly competition of stock and index picking.

Cooper Kinley, an ambassador for the event from Kansas State University is certainly up the challenge, he’s been interested in investing since seventh grade and actively trades on his own now. A fan of Ray Dalio, Cooper himself also seems to be quite principled, noting that he finds it important not to let emotion cloud your logic when it comes to investing. The stock market can be quite a ride, but having travelled the world taking stunning photographs Cooper is no stranger to adventure.

Voleo is welcoming ambassadors like Cooper from colleges across the United States to represent their schools and invite their friends to join an investment club. Our goal? To encourage confidence and participation amongst students in the stock market. We know that Cooper will help to lead his teammates to  success!

Voleo: How did you become interested in investing?

Cooper Kinley: I first became interested in investing way back when I was in grade 7, simply because I was captivated by all the charts and numbers. Moreover, I then became motivated to actually understand what all that information actually meant. I eventually cracked open my piggy bank and opened my first brokerage account and even made 20% off of my first trade (OTIV). I later learned, albeit the hard way, that you can also lose money as well. But it didn’t matter, at that moment, I was hooked on investing.

Why is understanding the stock market important for college students?

The younger a person begins investing, the greater potential they have to reap more returns down the road no matter what they’re saving for. College is about the time that people start handling more significant amounts of money, and knowing how to invest that properly can make a huge difference down the road.

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How do you explain the stock market to friends who are unfamiliar?

In essence, companies sell a fraction of their ownership to the public. Then after that initial public offering, the public then buys and sells that fraction of ownership on a price that a buyer and seller determine. That buying and selling process is what makes up the stock market.

What is your investment strategy; is there a particular industry you prefer, do you invest for retirement or for the future purchase of an asset like a home?

I tend to stick to a bottom up investment strategy with a short term horizon, maybe (rarely) mix in some derivatives to hedge against losses if it’s risky enough. Right now I invest with the goal of purchasing items in the future, whatever those things may be.

What do you think are the most important factors to consider when looking at purchasing a stock?

For my style of investing, the three biggest things I look for are a strong leadership running the company, a strong earnings growth track record, and recent news pointing to possible growth for the company.

What is it about the Voleo Nasdaq trading competition that you think is great for college students?

This competition gives students not only a chance to invest, but a chance to collaborate on investment decisions with the chance to win some stuff along the way!

Cooper photographing an athletic event at Kansas State.

What do you like about the social aspect of Voleo?

My favorite feature is how you can follow another club’s investment performance because it can either be used as a learning tool by watching what other people invest in, or in a competitive manner by comparing your performance with peers.

Do you look up to any investors? If so, who?

One of my favorite investors is Ray Dalio. His potency in the investment community is arguably unrivaled, and his story of how he created one of the largest hedge funds in the world from dust is nothing short of incredible.

If you could give one investing tip, what would it be?

Invest with the utmost sagacity; and never let emotions cloud judgement.

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What do you like to read for information about where to invest?

Every day, I wake up and read The Wall Street Journal, Seeking Alpha’s Wall Street Breakfast, and The Week’s Daily Briefing. For company-specific information, I use a feed in my investment terminal that aggregates all relevant news.

And a few personal questions:

What school do you go to, what are you majoring in and what do you see yourself doing after college?

I am currently a finance major at Kansas State University. After college, ideally, I would find myself working in either portfolio management or within investment banking at one of the big banks.

How do you like to spend your freetime?

Well on top of all my school work, I also do sports photography for K-State’s Athletic department. It’s definitely a unique job that offer unprecedented access, and the exposure that my photos get is quite substantial. Parallel to that, I always enjoy going out on weekends with my friends and I’m always down for an adventure, no matter how big or small.

Where’s your favorite place you’ve travelled to?

I’d have to say it would be a tie between two places. Visiting Dubai was such a unique experience because it was such a culture shock in comparison to the U.S. And secondly, going on a safari in Namibia exposed me to so much raw untouched earth that the environment was simply arresting.

Cooper in the Arabian Desert

What is your favorite book, and why?

Never Split the Difference is a fantastic book written on the art of negotiation. The techniques that the author (Christopher Voss) describes are exceptionally intriguing, as well as effective.

Many thanks to Cooper for his time, and we look forward to watching his team perform in the Voleo Nasdaq simulated equity trading competition! Don’t miss out on the competition, download the SimuTrader app and set up your investment club now!

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