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Our next investor profile features a big advocate of paying yourself first. Angela Williams is part of a Voleo investment club called Stocks and Stilettos, a group of women who have teamed up to form a substantial and authoritative portfolio.

Influenced in her early days of investing by Warren Buffett and Bill Gates, Angela employs a moderate investment approach, preferring mostly steady blue chip stocks, bonds, and ETFs, but does leave room for some riskier investments which she calls her, “play money.”

Angela’s strong point of view when it comes to investing and what it takes to put yourself in a position for success really resonated with us, we hope you enjoy her Q&A!

Voleo: How did you become involved in investing in the stock market?

Angela: I was introduced to investing in the stock market in college as I was completing my B.S. degree in finance.

What is your investment strategy?

I’m 44 years old and I would consider myself to be moderately aggressive. I invest about 20% into what I call safe investments like bonds and ETFs. I tend to focus on investing in companies that are staple brands in the industry and have been around a long time with steady growth over time. Those companies make up about 60% of my stock portfolio. I do have about 10% of my portfolio invested in companies that pay out consistent dividends. I’ve also set aside 10% of my stock portfolio for what I call my “play money” that I use to put into more riskier investments like Bitcoin.

How did you develop this strategy?

Well, it started by following Warren Buffett and Bill Gates and working with a few investment firms in the past.

What is the most important investing advice you can share?

Always, always, always pay yourself first!!! I am self-employed and as I earn income, my rule of thumb is before I pay my bills I pay myself first by investing. Nothing comes before that. Most Americans pay high taxes and are living pay check to pay check; they never find the extra cash flow to invest. So before I make anyone else rich, I make myself rich. Teach your children about money management and let them start investing in the stock market at a young age. It will help them understand about compounding interest, they will learn to be investors instead of just consumers and they will make better financial decisions as adults.

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What industries or areas of the market do you tend to focus your investments?

Pharmaceutical industries, government (defense), tech, marijuana, and consumer staples.

How often do you check your stocks?

About three times a day, but this is mainly for my more risky investments like Bitcoin and penny stocks.

Do you think there is a right time to get involved with investing?

Anytime is the right time. There is always an opportunity.

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When and how did you become familiar with finance and the markets?

College, graduate school, reading investment books, online financial websites, blogs and magazines on investing. Watching stock market segments on financial news channels is also a great source of information, but I read consistently.

What do you think is valuable about investing as part of a team or investment club?

It’s a great way for those with various investing experience to learn how to trade, research companies and collectively pull our resources together to be able to invest on a larger scale which could lead to larger returns over time per person that as one you may not have accomplished alone. Also, African Americans have the lowest wealth in America, yet they spend $1.3 trillion. So, they’re supporting capitalism but they’re not participating in it. It’s about ownership. I am super excited about bringing stock investing into my community.

Do you think that making investing social and collaborative has the potential to introduce investing to people who might not otherwise have gotten involved?

I would say that the majority of people want to invest and are interested in investing, they just don’t know how and feel inadequate from a knowledge standpoint. But if they could surround themselves with like-minded people who are there to support and teach, then it is far likelier that they’d become participating investors.

What is your morning routine?

Prayer, meditation, reading Yahoo Finance and some other online trading sources, taking a look at my watch list to see if there are opportunities to either add a stock or re-invest into what I already have. Then I review my portfolio in my brokerage account. This all takes me about 30 minutes, then I’ll usually read another chapter in the book I’m reading, right now it’s Self Made by Nely Galán.

What is your favorite book? What’s the last book you read?

Richest Man in Babylon, and the last book was Currency Trading for Dummies.

What is the best place you’ve travelled to? Where do you most want to go next?

Aruba was an awesome experience! I’d like to go to Hawaii, Dubai, and Canada.

What does your ideal weekend look like?

Spending my weekend relaxing, reading, and doing fun activities; entertainment and investing with my fifteen-year-old son Andrew.

Many thanks to Angela for taking the time to share her experience and wisdom with us! You can find her on facebook here, and youtube here.

Interested in starting your own Voleo investment club? Download the app today!

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