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About Voleo

We are a team of traders, technologists and marketers

Long gone are the days of the old boys’ club. Today’s youth — digital native millenials — are hungry to advance their financial and investment literacy and education. We believe Voleo speaks to the desires of this up and coming generation, but also addresses the desires of all people no matter the age: to connect with peers, friends and family on important matters.

We also hold a strong belief in the power of trusted financial institutions to empower a new generation of investors to make informed financial decisions and take charge of their wealth.

Our Vision.

Provide organizations with a new channel to connect with existing and future customers.

Create an easy-to-integrate solution for customer acquisition and brand reach.

Improve the investing experience for end users and create a safe and interesting place for them to interact.

Key Partners & Collaborators.

Facts To Know.


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