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Connect with your customers through a new online engagement platform

Voleo makes it easy and affordable for financial institutions to engage and grow their customer base with social investment tools and opportunities that organically build a vibrant community for your brand.

Create new online investment communities and better engage your customers

Voleo allows investing beginners and veterans alike to profit from the expertise and resources of their peers, creating an active investment community that customers will strongly associate with your brand. Create a tailored group investing experience for your members and customers that’s both fun and easy to understand. Build your customer base through authentic human connections as customers invite friends and family members, growing your community organically.

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Voleo brings financial brands and their customers closer through a trusted online community

Foster Community

Build trust and meaningful relationships with customers and their personal networks, and create a thriving community based on real human connections.

Build Relationships

Grow your customer base at a sustainable rate, by allowing users to introduce friends and family to your brand through word of mouth.

Create opportunity

Offer tools and educational investing opportunities that allow users to pool resources and expertise while they play and explore.

Encourage Advocacy

Reactivate dormant clients and reward brand advocates with a social platform that offers community and connection with your brand.

What our users say.

It’s hard to bring up conversations about money on a normal basis, but being on Voleo, bringing up an investment opportunity or suggesting a trade is what everyone on there expects.

— Karen L. of San Diego

It’s a great way for those with various investing experience to learn how to trade.

— Angela W. of Chicago

This is pure genius.

— Sean B. of Michigan

On the Voleo Nasdaq SimuTrader Competition: An incredible learning experience that will test your knowledge; you can certainly apply what you learn to your finances long after you graduate college.

— Ian W. of Prattville

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